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Letter to Parents from Mrs Mullinger Headteacher 2017

17th July 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

As you know on the 14th June 2017 we had our Ofsted inspection. Over the last 2 years all of the staff at school have worked incredibly hard to make huge changes to the curriculum and improve the quality of teaching and learning for your children and there have been a number of successes. The most recent SATs results released in July show our school is in line or significantly above the national averages in all subjects. A full breakdown of all of the results will be going on to the school website soon and an overview of the results is at the bottom of this letter. 

Our school has been and continues to be on a journey of improvement and this was fully recognised by the inspector that visited.  

Here is a summary of the Ofsted Inspection Report: 

Leadership and management – Good

The inspector recognised the hard work that has been happening over the last 2 years and also all of the support and guidance the staff have been given. He was confident that the strong leadership in school has the capacity to drive forward the remaining changes needed. 

Personal development, behaviour and welfare – Good

The inspector recognised just what wonderful children we have. He noticed how they interacted with each other and with adults. He thought they were very polite and supportive of each other. 

Safeguarding – Good

The inspector looked at a number of different documents and was happy that children are kept safe when they are at school. 

Teaching, learning and assessment – Requires Improvement

The inspector recognised the work that had been done to date but also that we still had some of the journey to go. One of the areas that staff will be focusing on will be more detailed assessment of writing and mathematics. 

Outcomes for pupils – Requires Improvement

The inspector recognised that there were rapid improvements being made but we need to focus more on applying grammar, punctuation and spelling in all subjects and also application of basic mathematics in problem solving and reasoning. 

Overall effectiveness 

The overall Ofsted judgement is that the school is required to improve. This means that although we have many strengths and they have recognised that the school has made rapid improvements over the last 2 years, there are still areas that need to be improved. We have taken on board recommendations made by Ofsted and will build upon the many aspects of good practice that are already in place. 

What does the school need to do to improve further?

• To raise standards in writing and mathematics by ensuring teachers:

• plan, check and adapt work to fully meet the different needs of pupils, including the disadvantaged and most able

• enable pupils to apply their mathematical skills and knowledge through a range of high-quality problem-solving and reasoning activities

• improve pupils’ understanding and application of spelling, punctuation and grammar skills in writing.

• To further strengthen the effectiveness of leadership and management by:

• using assessment information even more precisely in holding teachers to account for pupils’ outcomes.

Below is a table of the July Year 6 SATs results.

Year 6 SATS results 2017

Reading 2017                     82%     % Expected Standard Achieved 2017

                                              32%     %Greater Depth Achieved 2017

                                              71%     Expected National Standard 2017

Writing 2017                      76%     % Expected Standard Achieved 2017

                                              22%     %Greater Depth Achieved 2017

                                              75%      Expected National Standard 2017

Spelling, grammar           78%      % Expected Standard Achieved 2017

& punctuation 2017         30%      %Greater Depth Achieved 2017

                                              75%      Expected National Standard 2017

Mathematics                     80%      % Expected Standard Achieved 2017

                                              17%      %Greater Depth Achieved 2017

                                              75%       Expected National Standard 2017

Combined 2017                  68%       % Expected Standard Achieved 2017

                                                8%       %Greater Depth Achieved 2017

                                              61%       Expected National Standard 2017

As you can see there are a lot of positive points in the report and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our parents who have supported the school over the years and continue to do so. 

Please be reassured that a detailed plan is in place to continue to address all of the issues raised during this inspection. A copy of the full report can also be found on the school website. 

Thank you for your continuing support,

Helen Mullinger


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