For visits to the doctor or dentist in school time, a note should be sent to the class teacher.

No child is allowed to leave school during school hours, unless a parent arranges to collect him or her from reception.

Please arrange this with the class teacher or the school office.

The school is visited by health representatives for medical checks, parents are informed prior to any visits.

Only under exceptional circumstances can school staff agree to administer drugs or medicines to children, if it is not feasible for parents to visit the school to do this, or for the child to return home at lunchtime.

If it is agreed that medicines can be given in school, they should be brought to school by the parent and delivered personally to the office. All medication should be age appropriate, placed in an appropriate container, labelled with the child’s name, dosage and name of medication. A authorisation form with details must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian.

Children who use inhalers should ensure they are clearly labelled with their names and dosage. These should be kept in the container provided in their classroom.

It is essential that school staff have telephone numbers(s) available in order to contact parents should a child become ill whilst at school. A form for recording contact details is issued to all new parents and we would ask them to let the school know promptly when any of the details change. New forms are available from the school office if there are major changes to report.

In cases of emergency the Head will endeavour to contact the parents, but if this is not possible we will act on the advice of the medical officer concerned.

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