House System

The House System

There are four houses at St Cuthbert’s CofE Junior School and each child and member of staff belongs to one of these.


The aim of St Cuthbert's CofE Junior School’s House System is to encourage pupils to develop life skills such as working cooperatively, demonstrating leadership, developing awareness of world wide events and to give of their best at all times. The House System at our school has proven to be a successful way to achieve this and adds to the welcoming ethos of our school. Pupils earn House Points through Work, Conduct, Culture and Community Marks. Our aim is to promote positive behaviour.

Work Mark (1wm)

  • Positive work ethic- settle to work quickly
  • Diligence- stay on task and be focussed and present their work neatly and tidily
  • Perseverance-keep going even when they are challenged to the max!

    Conduct Mark (1cm)

    • Good behaviour-during class, assembly and play times
    • Politeness- towards everyone
    • Good manners- be courteous in their line, hold open doors, remember their ‘Ps’ and ‘Qs’!

      Community Mark

      • Respect- towards others linking with their Conduct Marks
      • Cooperation- when with others, work successfully as a member of a team
      • Adaptability- adapt their learning when considering who they are working with, what the task is and changing circumstances
      • Leadership- take the lead in activities, suggest ideas for change and improvements, and use their initiative in their learning.

        Culture Mark

        • International mindedness- to be aware of world events and think of ways in which we can work together to make a better world. They are encouraged to show awareness of the need to recycle and show respect for people with other Beliefs and Religions
        • Communication- the pupils are encouraged to use all forms of communication (talk, media, IT, music, drama and role-play) to share their learning, their thoughts and opinions and develop their skill in public speaking 
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