St Cuthbert’s Stars

Our Stars 2016

St Cuthbert's Stars

Pupils earn star badges as they achieve points:

  • Bronze 15 House Points
  • Silver 20 House Points
  • Gold 25 House Points
  • ‘Blacknum’ 35 House Points
  • House Coloured 50 House Points

As pupils earn a new badge they are expected to trade in their old one to receive their new badge until they reach their House Coloured Star Badge, which they may keep. Gold, Blacknum and House Coloured badge winners are awarded a special treat as an additional reward such as a trip to the swimming pool, a visit to the Bishop’s Palace or a cooking or craft session.

Each pupil is assigned to a House:

  • Exmoor (blue)
  • Mendip (green)
  • Polden (red)
  • Quantock (yellow)

Each House elects two House Captains to represent their House at Assemblies, school events, lead House Meetings and encourage and support team work. Weekly Meetings and Assemblies take place where pupils celebrate their successes. The House with the most Points for the week are presented with the House Cup and are awarded extra use of the Adventure Playground. At the end of each Half Term the overall winning House have Mufti Day whilst the overall winning House at the end of the Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms have a House Day of fun activities.

St Cuthbert’s Stars

Every week a pupil from each class is awarded ‘St Cuthbert Star’ at our Whole School Assembly. This is usually based on their learning, attitude, determination or general achievement. They are presented with a sticker and a certificate they can share with their family.

There is also a Head Teacher's award given to an individual who has been really outstanding that week.

School Council

Each class elects two members of their class to represent them at School

Council Meetings. These meetings take place approximately once a month and provide the opportunity for the pupils to share their opinions about school life and have ‘a voice’ in the running of the school. Recent suggestions have included introducing the positions of Head Boy and Girl and School Prefects, develop more House Competitions and the reorganisation of playground use and equipment.

They also publish a school newspaper


There are a number of sanctions in use at St Cuthbert's C of E Junior School. Please refer to our Behaviour Policy for these details.

Pupil roles at St Cuthbert's C of E Junior School:

  • Head Boy • Head Girl
  • Prefects • House Captains
  • Class Reps •Digital Leaders
  • Librarians

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